We ran out of lunch. There was a massive demand for breakfast boxes. 

On Tuesday I have to stop a fight outside, using my outdoor voice. I will not allow this outside our centre!  

Zoom call with Bradford team – everyone is very, very positive (with the exception of one, but I’ll take that). Ghislaine is wearing a balaclava . One of our volunteers put out a Tweet that echoed like 50 Shades of Grey (without realising !!) - only Seb. 

On Thursday we had a Zoom call with national managers but I can’t concentrate on anything other than the state of my hair.  

Friday was much quieter than it has been. The sun has shone all week.  Another school get in touch asking to be added to our WhatsApp group. Need to get this sorted (this will be four schools, three community groups and a church we are supporting). So I set up zoom meeting for next week. 

On Saturday I ordered some Sketchers for my poor feet!!! 

For each week of the first initial lockdown, we'll be posting a new blog on what happened, how it made people feel and how your support can help - read about Covid Response - Week Six here