One of our hard-working volunteers Seb Brunet has decided to break a sweat in aid of St Vincent's Centre, Leeds alongside his friend and client Dorota. Throughout lockdown, Seb has supported our cause and gave up his time to help with cooking and meal distribution. Now - he's committed to doing an incredible 3,000 sit ups over the month of April in order to raise more funds for us. We caught up with Seb and Dorota to ask what made the, commit to such a crazy challenge!

What is your experience with St Vincent's?

Seb: Last year I had the pleasure to be contacted by Sally who asked me if I would be able to  help with food distribution - so I did!

Dorota: I personally don’t have much experience with St. Vincent's but my friend / Pt trainer does and we both decided to do our bit to support St Vincent's.

What does St Vincent's mean to you?

Seb: It means great people to be with, who all have massive hearts and are kind in everything they do. 

Dorota: I think everyone at St Vincent's does amazing job trying to help those less fortunate people. Without St Vincent's help they would continue to struggle. I would like to be part of this community who does their very best to help everyone who needs it.

What made you decide to raise money for St Vincent's?

Seb: Last year for my birthday I did a fundraising session of two and a half hours where people could text in and tell me what exercises to do! 

Dorota: My friend who had done it last year decided we should contribute to St Vincent's again this year too.

Why 3000 situps?!

Seb: I did 2,800 squats, 2,000 burpees and 5000 lunges for other charities. So this time I decided to focus on core exercises and a charity close to my heart.

Dorota: It was Seb’s idea. Probably because we both trying to lose our belly fat. So we figured we would combine a charitable even with a tough challenge that helps us improve personally.