To celebrate the birthday of Saint Vincent de Paul founder Frederic Ozanam, we're having a cuppa!

Join in a virtual tea party as we launch 'Tea with the SVP' a week long event to commemorate the birthdate of our founder while enjoying a tea, tasty treats and a break. This year has been a struggle for most and so we're encouraging you to take five, pop the kettle on and indulge in a cup of tea and a treat. 

From Monday 19th April, we'll be kicking off a week of birthday celebrations surrounded with an afternoon tea theme. Starting on the Monday, all shoppers will be able to get a free cup of tea to takeaway from our cafe - and there's an opportunity to pay one forward for someone that may need it in the future, too. 

We'd like to thank Yorkshire Tea for supplying us with the all important ingredient to make this week long celebration as comforting as a hot mug of God's Own Country's brew.