Another half term has passed and we've completed another #HealthyHolidays campaign, ensuring the community's children of school age are well fed, well entertained and most importantly, happy over the half term period. 

As well as hot meal provisions, which saw over 100 freshly cooked, nutritious and balanced lunches distributed to our local community, we also ensured children were occupied with activity packs. This half term, we included a little furry friend in the form of a penguin (named Wilbur) to encourage young people to get around the city and showcase the stuffed animal around Leeds. As well as this, we featured a 'grow your own sunflower kit', encouraging children to learn about nurturing and caring for something throughout the course of the summer months. Over 60 children took these fun filled packs home with them, ensuring a fun filled school holiday for all. 

Every school holiday, we strive to ensure the children and families with children within our district our healthy and happy through these campaigns. We're so grateful to Leeds Community Foundation for making these programmes possible.