Another school holiday signalled yet another edition of a Healthy Holidays campaign for the Easter break, and we were there to ensure families within the community were well fed, well occupied and had a lovely time over the two week half term. 

With the help and support of Leeds Community Fund, we upped our usual lockdown hot meal distribution to twice a week. Tasty, freshly cooked dishes such as vegetable fritatta, chicken casserole, pizza and chips, fish fingers with peas, pie and mashed potato, jacket potatoes, soup and many other options were given out to local families and an incredible 252 children and more adults were fed through this scheme over the four days of service. 

That's not all, as we also provided Easter treats such as chocolate eggs and activity packs to keep school aged children occupied and happy over the break - 86 different children received various activities, from bespoke grow kits with sunflower seeds to colouring books to easter egg hunts to do at home. 

Thank you to everyone who donated items, their time and funds to make this operation a success, we're proud to provide for the local community.