At St Vincent's Centre, Leeds, we've always been proud of our all-encompassing ethos, offering help and support to those that may require it, no matter their circumstance, background or difference. On International Women's Day, we're celebrating all of the female figures that make St Vincent's the inclusive, diverse and supportive place that it is. From the hard work that goes into the smooth running of such a versatile charity from the CEOs and managers, as well as the time and effort given to us kindly by an incredible group of volunteers - we want to recognise and showcase the women that help make St Vincent's what it is.  

“Everyone is welcome at St Vincent’s; no criteria or barriers which is why is is such a special place. The team that make the magic happen, bring a wide range of skills and personality and we recognise that everyone helps us piece together the jigsaw.” 

Sheena Eastwood – Centre Manager 


“St Vincent's Leeds is a brilliantly inspiring Centre that believes in and nurtures the potential in everyone.” 

Helen O’Shea – SVP National President 

“A challenged world is an alert world ….. for the centre in Leeds and those within it there has never been a greater challenge to our services and those we support than the pandemic. I am so proud to be part of a group of inspiring leaders that have been alert to the challenges and responsive to the changes we have seen. International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the SVP’s approach to equality and believing in the uniqueness of everyone’s contributions having merit.” 

Kate Nightingale – Deputy CEO  


“While working at St. Vincent’s in the Education and migrant support team, I’ve been inspired by meeting women from around the world; they’ve taught me how to keep going when things are difficult, be confident when making decisions and give more selflessly to those around me.” 

Julie Linley –  Education Manager 


“From the first day I started at St Vincent's I felt included in the team and decision making.  I have been given the freedom to grow and develop my skills and I have always felt supported by my colleagues and management.” 

Denise Carpenter – Debt Advice Manager